Top Games on Video Game Review Sites


Top Games on Video Game Review Sites

Games are usually defined as any activity in which players employ some kind of physical equipment to accomplish objectives. These objectives could be to gain points, reduce time spent waiting for another game, or even to win large cash prizes. The word gaming then refers to this participant participation in these activities.

GAMES DEVELOPED IN THE ANIMATION LIFE: Games developed in the Animation Life category include Dora, Candyland and Sesame Street. Dora is a fantasy adventure game in which a girl has to defeat enemies and mazes in order to reach the goal of La Misericordia. This is an animated cartoon show that has become hugely popular among children. In Candyland, on the other hand, players have to survive various challenges in order to complete the game and move on to newer challenges. Sesame Street on the other hand, is a famous children’s television program that is seen in almost every single household in the United States. The game involving the Cookie Monster is quite memorable for a lot of children.

GAMES DEVELOPED BY GERMS: Games developed by germs are also included in the category. Examples of such games are anthrax, biological warfare and biological horror games. These are games based on biological theories, such as biological warfare, germs and viruses. The main article below provides more information about these.

GAMES OF THE BUSINESS: The Business category includes simulation based on business operations, accounting, supply chain management as well as real-life corporate world examples. The main article provides more information on this. There are a great number of business games involving accounting, supply chain management and real-life company operations. This also covers the Business Strategy category. A good number of business simulation games have been designed by game developers and publishers with the aim of helping players learn and implement strategic thinking techniques.

GAMES THAT CAUSES TROPHAS: Games that cause a reaction are known as tropics games. This includes Crawford fever, mad cow, typhoon and many more. A main article is about the most famous game in the history of Crawford zero. This game involves an engine that drives a vehicle, which the player has to control. The main article provides information on how to play the game.

GAMES THAT REPECT RELIGIOUS TASTE: Religious games refer to any game where one plays a character that resembles a religious figure. Many religious figures have become popular video games over the last few years. Some of them are Biohazard, Saint Bernard and many more. This category covers real-time strategy games that are based on religious stories, characters and games based on spirituality, war and the environment. A main article about this genre can be found on this website.