A List Of Different Sorts Of Sports

Sports are organized physical activities, competitions and games, usually organized by governments or organizations. These satisfy the basic human need for competition, physical activity and play. Almost all sports could potentially be competitive.


Most sports could potentially be competitive, yet not all of them. Competitive sports could be contact sports such as soccer, softball, lacrosse, American football, baseball, basketball and football. Such sports require the use of the hands, arms and legs, requiring great motor skills. The majority of these sports do not use the legs much and thus, do not require great motor skills. One would expect that children enrolled in physical education or even middle schools would select such sports for their respective sports, such as football, basketball, hockey, softball and soccer.

A different category of sports is endurance sports. Endurance sports generally require strength, endurance and skill. Most endurance sports could be categorized into two: the sprinting sport and the endurance sport. In sprinting, one uses both his feet and upper body for a specific distance; while in the endurance sport, one has to finish the race within a defined time limit.

Then there are motor skills in sports. Motor skills can be divided further into two: those that require the use of the hands and arms only and those that don’t. It is very obvious that most sports requiring the use of both the hands and arms require great physical activities. Moreover, most competitive sports involve the use of speed and power. In this sense, most motor skills sports are considered to be competitive, although they are not necessarily thought of as physically challenging.

Finally, we come to non-sport related activities, such as hobbies and pastimes. Although the exact meaning of the term may vary from person to person, non-sport related activities are generally considered to be enjoyable and leisure activities. It is, however, still important to exercise caution when participating in hobbies or pastimes that require you to use your hands and/or arms. Always consult with your doctor if you have any doubts regarding your current hobby or pastime. Your doctor can give you advice regarding your particular interests and help you decide whether you need to focus on enhancing your physical condition in order to enjoy your hobby or pastime.

The above categories of physical activity are just an overview of some of the many different sports you can choose to participate in. You should do your own research in order to find something that you find interesting. There is no point of engaging in activities that you find unappealing, especially if they involve physical contact. Just like many people, you may also want to try various sports, in order to find which one you like best. If you are not sure about participating in a certain sport, it never hurts to ask your teammates for help. They are most likely to offer you valuable advice regarding which sports you should consider.